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We choose our level and limits of financial success by our level of comfort. In other words, we set our level of financial success or failure just as we would set a thermostat that regulates our heater or air conditioner.

 financial comfort zone is a range in which we're comfortable with money, either income or wealth

The financial comfort zone is a range in which we’re comfortable with money, either income or wealth

We set our financial thermostat, our comfort zone, by where we choose to live, where we choose to work, with whom we choose to associate, the books we choose to read, and even the spouse we choose to marry.

You and I have regulators called comfort zones. When our regulator sets our financial comfort zones low, we operate on low production and the results are low. When it is set higher, we produce more and get greater results. Your current financial comfort zone corresponds with your current self-image and financial beliefs.

As long as we can operate close to our comfort zone, we effectively and efficiently perform tasks and skills. If we find ourselves outside our thermostat setting doing better than our self-image picture, our regulator lowers our performance until we get back into our comfort zone where our Wealth Thermostat is set. Therefore, your financial limits are your own choosing. 


Strive to be different and pursue the road less taken.

Strive to be different and pursue the road less taken.

The self-image is the sub-conscious belief picture, or setting, of where we see ourselves to be. It regulates our behavior by allowing us to move slightly above or below our current self-image just as a thermostat acts to control the temperature in a room. That is called the comfort zone.

The best news is this: You can reset your thermostat to higher levels of comfort. It’s your choice! When we find ourselves making less than expected, then our regulator sends a subconscious message to put on the heat and increase our income to match our comfort zone. We look for opportunities to increase our income and become more financially secure. It is a powerful motivator and most likely the reason you found Financially Fit for Life

Based on past experience, you may not know your true potential. You are about to move your thermostat to higher settings as you progress through each step and its exercises. Expect amazing results. See yourself financially free with everything paid in full, including your mortgage, within 5 years and then creating true and lasting wealth thereafter.

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