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You can learn the secrets to wealth creation by careful observation and keen diligence.


For almost a decade, I used to replace my phone after every 12 months intending to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technologies and productivity tools. I considered this annual ritual as a common-sense approach to my “modern” lifestyle.  Older phones are easily hacked and my crucial data is stolen for nefarious purposes, I told myself. 

Most life changing decisions are made in ignorance.

Most life-changing decisions are made in ignorance.

This was until I came across an article in The Economist magazine that talked about planned obsolescence and the effect of diminishing returns on consumer behavior.

I learned that manufacturers deliberately incorporated defective electronic parts into their best gadgets. 

How this worked was that a smartphone would work perfectly, and about 11-16 months down the line, unbeknownst to you the consumer, a crucial component in your gadget would break down.

Your smartphones will then begin delivering less than optimal performance that you had gotten used to over the past year.

This effect of diminishing returns for a similar amount of effort applied would create something akin to the way an alcoholic craves the good times they had the previous night. 

Once caught in that trap, a consumer needs little convincing to purchase the latest gadget on offer that year. This was the reason why new phones are released after every 12-16 months, just in time to quench your craving for a gadget that performs at 100 percent. This realization stunned me and equally angered me. What a fool I’d been all these years. Enriching corporations that cared little about my experience with their gadgets. 

Since then, I replace my electronics when I have to, and in most cases, it’s a downgrade to a cheaper model. The wealthy amongst us are those who arrived at a similar eureka! moments concerning their finances.

There are basic principles of wealth creation that if taught and understood clearly, will undoubtedly make the learner a millionaire in a few short years. These money-generating ideas often appear so simple and commonplace that many people ignore them. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. 

The key to wealth and success are principles we often ignore for being commonplace. .

The key to wealth and success are principles we often ignore for being commonplace.

The lucky person stumbles upon these truths through their own experience, and once such light has shone into their lives, they go forth to build unimaginable wealth. The rules are simple. 

The first principle of wealth creation concerns the power of thought. The mind is the most powerful creative force known to man. 

Any thought that is persistently created and maintained in the mind will never fail to bring forth equivalent fruit in physical circumstances. 

The second truth about becoming wealthy is that limitless abundance is available to anyone who, with honest intentions, goes out of their way to give generously without expecting anything in return. 

This second rule has astonished so many who applied it in their lives. I have personally witnessed the truth in this law that I’m no longer amazed at the transformation that follows anyone who is charitable, kind, and selfless.

The final law in wealth creation concerns faith. Not just mere faith, but an absolute trust that everything good that could come your way will eventually come. 

This particular blessing is especially for those who are simple at heart. Such a person will joyfully go about their work, making the best of every circumstance they are in, no matter how dismal, whistling happily and joyfully applying the best of their abilities in every task allocated to them. Such a person is on a guaranteed path to wealth and happiness. 

If anyone could be simple enough to take these three principles at face value and neglect to try to figure out how the ‘magic’ works, theirs is the earth, and all the riches he could desire. 

But man is scientific and logical. He seeks explanations for a universe he can barely comprehend. Most will prefer to grunt and sweat for the dollar, rather than abide in faith. 

In a recent TV interview featuring a successful Tennis athlete, I was astonished when I realized how this talented sportsman had articulated the secret to wealth without realizing it.

Success at work begins with enjoying what you do.

Success at work begins with enjoying what you do.

When asked what secret he attributed to his success he answered, “I go out there to have fun, every time I step on the court my idea is to enjoy myself. I realize that I may not sometimes emerge the winner, which is okay because I’ll have gifted my opponent with a win, which isn’t a bad thing when you think about it. But whenever I am playing and training, I never doubt that somewhere on the horizon, there is a shiny trophy waiting for me. So I have fun and keep playing, the trophy will come, if not today, then the next day.”


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