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Effective Public Speaking is Imperative for Business Success


My career as an entrepreneur began around the age of 7. Being dirt poor, we had to scrap for every morsel of food that landed on our table. I wore the same clothes for months on end and I was always the scraggly dressed boy who wandered my neighborhood looking for money-making opportunities. 

A confident public speaker

Effective Public Speaking Can Open Many Doors

I bought and sold pieces of scrap metal, delivered the morning paper, mowed lawns in spring, and shoveled ice off the sidewalk during winter. As years went by, I adopted finer skills for making money. I negotiated agreements between local businesses and their suppliers, and soon developed an eye for identifying undervalued assets which I would purchase on loan and later sell at a handsome profit. 

As my business ventures grew, so did the number of my audience. From time to time, it became imperative that I address gatherings of customers, prospective clients, or investors.

Until that moment, I hadn’t realized how much I dreaded speaking in front of people. I developed a condition akin to a panic attack or a severe attack of asthma. 

Since my whole entrepreneurial enterprise depended on my ability to address people and convince them about the soundness of my business proposal, developing the art of public speaking became my most urgent and imperative undertaking. 

It was not an easy journey. Clinical psychologists will tell you that the best way to deal with fear is to confront it head-on. Avoiding your deepest fears only makes them seem bigger than they really are.

The path I took was to first of all learn to speak while standing up and facing one direction. I had to do this without sweating, stuttering, or floundering in my thought pattern. My next audience was my wife, who endured endless hours of my stuttering monologues masquerading as speeches. 

Gradually I got better and learned to memorize my words and the logic of my presentation. I  also developed the knack for reading the mood of my audience, knowing when to pause, ask a question, sum up my talk, and walk away, or when to crack a joke. This became very important in later years when I spoke to virtual audiences on TV and radio talk shows. 

I owe my success as an entrepreneur and public speaker to my poor upbringing. It kindled in me the hunger to do whatever it takes to succeed. Repeated action turns from a skill to a gift and is perfected as a genius. 

Public speaking enables me to share my ideas and market my business

Public speaking enables me to share my ideas and market my business

The more I spoke in public and the tougher my speaking engagements got, the easier the overall experience became. Nowadays, the panic-stricken young lad who couldn’t face a crowd of three seems to me like a figment of my imagination. 

I also discovered that each one of us is gifted extraordinarily and in a unique way. No one can lay claim to the fact that they aren’t particularly talented in one thing or another. The difference between those who shine and grow rich and those who remain obscured in irrelevancy lies in the means of expression. 

The ability to convey what is on our mind in an eloquent manner such that the other person understands and is convinced is what determines destinies. Charismatic leaders, athletes, religious leaders, politicians, authors, scientists, and legends from all walks of life have perfected their art of self-expression. 

This form of expression need not be in speech necessarily, written work, painted art, music, physical performance, and intellectual abilities are all forms of expressing what the mind knows. Human beings more or less have similar mental capacity and articulation. 

Even though nutrition, environment, prejudices, pathophysiology, and cultural expectations sometimes lower the performance of certain demographics, if all factors were kept constant, our mental ability ought to be equal. 

The difference lies in the art of communicating what the mind knows. And therefore, it is my fervent hope that our youth are taught the skills and impressed upon the need, to perfect self-expression. 

The most important cognitive tool for individual thoughts is public speaking. Start practicing today. 


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