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Are you operating without an emergency fund?

After graduating, I was lucky to be hired as a medical representative for an international pharmaceutical. This was a time when a majority of my peers whom I went to school with were still attending interviews and getting rejected. The aura of belonging to a worldwide community of medical representatives got to me and the first thing I did was to move to a more affluent neighborhood that suited my developing worldview as a young and upcoming executive. The rent was steep, as it took almost half of my salary but I wasn’t bothered. 

Have you honestly considered your cash flow ?

Have you honestly considered your cash flow?

Young Executive

I was convinced that given time, my hard work will pay off and the expected pay increase and bonuses will cover the rest of my deficit. The first few days after my salary came would become a spending spree holiday as I shopped for the most expensive house appliances, clothing, and furniture. 

After about 8 months, my bank called to inform me that I had qualified for a car loan with an additional amount that would assist me in managing my new lifestyle. I thought about this proposal for two minutes and eagerly called back to say that indeed I was interested in their offer. 

When the car eventually arrived, I had been working for almost thirteen months and I began to feel the pinch of having little or no extra cash whenever I was faced with minor emergencies. A trip to my gyno or dentist would severely sidetrack my finances and I discovered that I had to borrow from friends and colleagues in order to offset the imbalance in income versus expenditure. 

Unplanned Expenditure

I was not having any fun. While I had been a constant fixture during weekends and outings with my friends, I found out that this was becoming a schedule to maintain. I did not have any cash. One day while sitting in traffic, I was contemplating my dire finances and thinking about starting a side job that would provide the much-needed cash for m extracurricular activities, it was then that I came across an Instagram post that jolted me out of my self-pity. 

The social media post by a company called Financially Fit asked if my math was adding up whenever I planned my finances. Curious, I scrolled through their Instagram page and was met with questions that I felt directly related to my circumstances. One post informed me that financial prosperity depended on how I spent my money rather than on how much I earned. Finally, when I read an article that inquired whether I needed to change my spending habits, it finally hit me that I was not a unique case.

Apparently, there were people like me who faced similar circumstances and had managed to turn their situations around. I made the decision to pick a pen and paper and honestly consider my cash flow. Was I spending more than I could generate? Was I planning with money that I had not yet earned? Was I operating without an emergency fund? This was a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment in my financial life.

The Eye Opener

Was I spending more than I could generate?

Was I spending more than I could generate?

I went to the website www.financiallyfit.com and enrolled in their wealth education classes that were offered on a self-paced Learning Management System. It has been a few weeks since I began attending these training courses and the changes I have experienced in my outlook and attitude toward life have undergone a paradigm shift. I now know that wealth creation is an inside job and that my bank account balance will directly reflect the type of mentality I hold in my mind. Nowadays I have chosen to focus on abundance and the principles therein.

I am eternally grateful to Mr. Steve Down whose philosophy and teachings are the guiding principle toward becoming financially fit for life. As a wealth coach and founder of FinanciallyFit, Mr. Steve Down has created a treasure trove of life’s lessons and ideas on wealth creation on his website and the books that he has written.  I am now certainly confident and assured that I can be in charge of my financial well-being and money no longer controls me. 

I am the one in charge. I have a wealth of vision for my life and have made goals in line with this vision. I am three weeks into the course and I am glad that on that evening I was lucky to come across a social media post that propelled me into a new life full of hope and promise. My life will never be the same again, thanks to the financial literacy lessons I have received from Financially Fit Company

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