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When tracing the lives of outliers in different professions, you are bound to spot a common thread that associates all of them. In the sporting profession, for example, most athletes had early mentorship, disregard for rigid academic rigor, physical prowess, Supreme concentration, goal setting, and a desire and motivation to succeed. 


Elon Musk the mercurial entrepreneur

While researching different personality types in various professions, a pattern emerged among entrepreneurs that indicated similarities in socio-economic conditioning, mental aptitude, and personality traits. 

Being familiar with Steve Down, the successful businessman, and serial entrepreneur, I took a closer look at his life and sought to compare it with another widely recognized entrepreneur. 

Elon Musk stood out as a valid candidate for my analysis. I embarked on a six-week-long data collection and analysis undertaking that involved watching interviews, reading news articles and journals, and social monitoring. 

Steve Down and Elon Musk share commonalities in character, conduct, and association that was almost uncanny. 

According to a Bloomberg magazine publication, Elon Musk is a South African-born American entrepreneur who cofounded the electronic-payment firm PayPal and formed SpaceX, a maker of launch vehicles and spacecraft. As a business magnate and investor, he became an angel investor, CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla Inc. He is also the founder of the Boring Company and the co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI.

Steve Down is an entrepreneur and business maverick whose ideas about wealth creation, service to the community, and personal excellence have helped transform lives. His business acumen helped create the hugely successful Even Stevens chain of sandwich shops, the Financially Fit LLC, and a host of stellar business enterprises that became icons in their areas of specialization. He is a Cause Capitalist and founder of Cause Nations, the founder and CEO of The Goat Foundation, a Wealth Coach, and an Author of five books. His books, Financially Fit for Life, The Miracle of Wealth, The Idea Economy; The Mountain, The Man, and The Compass, and The Wealth Compass are life-changing works that offer transformational insights into personal finance and wealth, financial freedom, and well-being. 

Steve down and Elon Musk both support efforts toward climate change mitigation. Musk manufactures cars that use batteries and founded Solar City, which aims to supply solar panels to families all over the US. Steve works with communities in Kenya and Africa, where he promotes environmental awareness through the practice of climate smart agriculture through giving hope by giving goats to widows with the aim at enabling them to de self reliant.

They are both visionary thinkers and have founded first-in-their-class types of industries with international reputations. Cause Capitalism is a philosophy that was previously unheard of, and Steve founded the philosophy in response to the failure attributed to traditional capitalism. When Musk founded Space X, everyone believed that space travel was the domain of national governments. Their success was a testament to their willingness to pursue ideas to their successful ends, the means thereof notwithstanding.

The serial entrepreneur, author and thought leader

The serial entrepreneur, author and thought leader

The two entrepreneurs are mavericks who have dared to venture into previously unexplored fields and became extraordinarily successful. Steve founded Cause Capitalism, which he described as a new type of Capitalism that was kinder and socially responsible. Musk became a pioneer of green technology and a new transportation system championed by his Boring company. 

The two Americans have African citizenship and have demonstrated resilience, persistence, and doggedness in business. They never gave up when their ventures encountered obstacles but instead held on to their belief that their ideas had something transformative to offer to the world. 

Elon Musk and Steve Down both believe in the power inherent in correct thinking and the right mindset. They both talk about expanding human consciousness and creating utilities that benefit humanity. Their entrepreneurial enterprises became successful by focusing on what they give back to society while maintaining a thorough knowledge of the industry within which they operated. Through The Goat Foundation, Steve highlights the plights of widows while providing them with the means of escaping poverty through training and economic incentives. Elon Musk has provided internet connections to areas under conflict. He has also donated millions anonymously to charities.

Both are committed to their families, whose members hold them in the highest regard, and they, in turn, regard their families as their highest achievements.

The ability to turn an idea into a money-making cash machine and use the proceeds to benefit society is a noble undertaking and a mark of a great leader. For any type of industry to remain sustainable, it must remain relevant to communities and demonstrably beneficial to the needs of society. These are the achievements of these two entrepreneurial geniuses and thought leaders. 

History will examine these two legends in days to come as once-in-a-lifetime financial prodigies who made the world a better place. 

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