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In this age of social media networking and digital millionaires, whenever we think of successful entrepreneurs, the first thing that comes to mind is a mid-twenties computer geek from Silicon Valley. However, these young men need to be invested in and mentored. Silicon Valley has thrived because of the venture capital and tutoring provided by pioneers like Steve Down.

Steve Down rose to stratospheric heights in entrepreneurial lore long before the valley became synonymous with instant billionaires at the click of a button. His achievements in business, humanitarian work, mentorship, and manifest excellence in people skills make him a once-in-a-generation archetype of an industrial genius. 

The acclaimed author, Mr Steve Down also speaks widely on matters concerning financial health and personal finance

The acclaimed author, Mr. Steve Down also speaks widely on matters concerning financial health and personal finance

Below is a summarized list of things about Steve Down.

  1. He has authored five books that offer transformational insights into personal finance, wealth, financial freedom, and well-being. His books Financially Fit for Life, The Miracle of Wealth, The Idea Economy; The Mountain, The Man, and The Compass, and The Wealth Compass are life-changing works that appeared on the world’s bestseller lists. 
  2. He founded the hugely successful Even Stevens chain of sandwich shops. This sandwich shop became a force for sustainable change by donating a sandwich for every sandwich sold to hungry communities. 
  3. As a thought leader, Steve went on coast-to-coast tours giving speeches and hosting radio talk shows and helped millions change their perception and understanding of money, wealth, and how to achieve financial wealth.
  4. Steve founded and trademarked the philosophy of Cause Capitalism. Cause Capitalism occurs when a for-profit business partners with a non-profit organization to donate a percentage of its gross sales to the non-profit for charitable purposes. 
  5. He founded Cause Nations, an initiative formed to drive the adoption of Cause Capitalism by offering education, training, and rewards to communities and organizations.
  6. The serial entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Financially Fit, LLC. Financially Fit is devoted to giving and inspiring hope, vision, and direction for financial health and fitness to individuals, families, and businesses and nations. They employ an online program that utilizes a LMS (Learning Management System); videos, audio, and community engagement to create tailor-made financial literacy courses and wealth education for people from all walks of life.
  7. As a humanitarian and philanthropist, he founded The Goat Foundation. The foundation is a beneficiary of the Cause Capitalism philosophy. Steve has partnered his profitable business entities with this non-profit organization to help inspire hope in communities and families. The Goat Foundation gives hope by donating two goats – a male and a female – to families with priority being widows and orphans from impoverished communities around Kenya and Africa.
  8. He is a devoted family man. Steve has been married for over 40 years to Colleen. Together, they have seven children and twelve grandchildren, and he considers this his highest success and accomplishment.
  9. The visionary thought leader has a core philosophy: We are all members of the same human family – brothers, and sisters of equal worth and we should treat each other as such. He demonstrates this philosophy throughout his work and relations with friends and colleagues, where he advocates for and demonstrates selfless generosity, kindness, and dedication to the cause of the weak and the downtrodden.

In the epoch of his lifetime, Steve has become America’s Wealth Coach, trained and spoke to millions, and donated hundreds of thousands to communities that lack food, shelter, and economic sustenance. 

The commitment and dedication he demonstrates to his family and friends distinguish him from other successful business persons. Steve has established the legacy of selfless charity. His purity of purpose will be emulated by many in years to come. 

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