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The man the compass and the mountain


I recently had the privilege of reading his book, The Mountain, The Man, and the Compass, and since then my life has never been the same. This book has deep insights into the human psyche, and I felt the need to share some lessons got from it.

Mr Down’s ideas were not forged in the abstract, or by creative idealism. He teaches ideas that can be applied practically by anyone.

In The Mountain, The Man, and the Compass, Steve talks about a particularly distressing moment in his life when full of financial uncertainties and looming debt, on one afternoon he left his workplace and went on a hike along a trail leading up to the mountains. While on this treacherous path, he avoided death several times but kept walking.

At some point, he fell into a stream and surrendered, no longer fighting, he allowed himself to be swallowed and into oblivion. The story is reminiscent of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, or Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Mr Down’s book has more to offer than the popular how-to guide.

Mr Down describes how he woke up and met ‘The Man’, who became his teacher, who imparted wisdom in meticulous detail accompanied by real-life examples and anecdotes.

In this story, ‘The Man’, a figurative sage, saviour, or celestial being, instructs Steve on sixteen principles in life and later gives him a wealth compass.

The Author Mr Steve Down

The Author Mr Steve Down

Abundance, humility and gratitude, are not what you imagine. They are unique, very insightful and captivating. This book reads like a thriller in the manner in which it captures your attention and reveals to you your deepest desires.

The pearls of wisdom found in The Mountain, The Man, and the Compass, cannot be fully appreciated unless you read the whole text.

Take chapter seven, where, while discussing Persistence, Mr Down writes,

“Many quit during their darkest hour. They will never know how close they were because they quit. Most will quit too soon. Every time is too soon”

While initially reading this book, the poetry and wisdom in this single paragraph made me vow never to quit on anything in my life. Picture hundreds of similar snippets in this book, and you will get the idea of why this book is in a league of its own.

The life lessons taught here will resonate with everyone despite their religion, business, age, race, economic background or career.

On Courage, one paragraph writes, “Courage is when you face a mountain that looks impossible to ascend and then take the first step and then never stop taking steps until your last step to the summit”

In his companies and charitable foundations, Steve Down has applied the principles taught here as a blueprint for his success. On his website, examples abound of how Steve chose to serve others believing, just as he wrote:

“Though views inspiring, most happiness is not found at the top

But from growth in the journey, serving others along the way”

Recommend this inspiring story to a friend or purchase it as a holiday present. Do not wait for tomorrow to start enjoying life. The means to an abundant life are given here.


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