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Financially For life offers life changing lessons in seven practical steps


The exciting new program teaching financial fitness reads like a part thriller and part instructional manual. Financially Fit for Life is an assertive guide to wealth creation written by American entrepreneur Steve Down. In it, he lectures, inspires, reassures and guides the reader through vicissitudes that are nothing short of miraculous. 

You encounter hope after tragedy, triumph after a disaster in a sincere tale of how through hope, a decision to visualize a better future during his darkest hour set off a global movement that has transformed millions. 

Indeed, Steve is a serial entrepreneur and a successful family man who trained and educated his way out of a financial treadmill of “working to support Uncle Sam, the bank and General Motors” to secure a comfortable life of ease as a financial planner for his firm, First West Financial group. 

Loftier Ambitions

The acclaimed author, Mr Steve Down also speaks widely on matters concerning financial health and personal finance

The acclaimed author, Mr Steve Down also speaks widely on matters concerning financial health and personal finance

Years later, after abandoning this secure life for loftier ambitions, Steve embarked upon the course of trying to build a financial legacy for himself while growing his character, helping people and learning the art of public speaking. Grand ambitions indeed! 

In life our good intentions sometimes don’t get us the expected outcome but take heart, you are in the right company. Despite developing revolutionary business concepts, he was punished for it, hounded through courts, and forced into bankruptcy. The silver lining in this experience came when Steve made the decision to change his attitude from one of being a victim to a victor mentality which eventually transformed him to become “America’s wealth physician.”

Financially Fit for Life is refreshing to look at, principles in planning and self-evaluation rather than a Band-Aid fix for immediate financial woes or a get-rich-quick formula.


Do It Yourself

The Psychology of wealth is covered in the text

The Psychology of Wealth is covered in the text

Financially Fit for Life is a practical manual created through a process of self-evaluation, research, market testing and training of thousands to become Financially fit for life.

While employing the analogy of a financial epidemic spreading its tentacles in American society, Steve explains how Americans nurse themselves back to financial fitness by first doing away with procrastination.

The remedies proffered require one to live by correct financial principles that are “timeless and never changing,” such as, you are absolutely in control of your thoughts and hence responsible for your present predicament.

Steve Down had to learn through bitter experiences when he endured failure and the pain of disappointing and hurting his family. The faith his wife Colleen had in her husband is what strengthened his vision of hope and turned it into an action plan done in the faith which in due time brought miracles and lasting transformations.

The Seven financial steps and thirty-three workouts proposed by Steve Down guarantee total financial fitness, wealth, and true financial freedom.

Steve Down makes a solemn pledge to anyone that correctly learns these principles and puts them into practice, “Take this to heart,” he says, “you will like the results. A lifetime of financial peace of mind awaits you.”

As they say, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Steve Down’s Financially Fit for life is for certain a fascinating book that appears to honestly tackle the issues of financial well-being. If you are like me and are interested, follow this link for further info.

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