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Thought leader Mr Steve Down Delivers an address on Financial well-being to an rapt audience


Most of us would rather push our immediate pain to a distant future than face them whenever they come. We postpone confronting our girlfriends, we put off doing that crucial assignment, and procrastinate virtually doing everything vital to us until the situation becomes untenable.

Understanding this behaviour is essential, especially when it comes to how we manage our finances. Financial decisions such as avoiding tax, debt non-payment, impulse credit card purchases, taking loans to pay for loans, and extended repayment periods reflect our inherent need to avoid pain for the moment.

When talking about servicing loans and being debt-free, Mr Steve Down writes in Financially Fit for Life that you need to “change the way you think about debt by setting aside prevailing misleading opinions and focus on becoming Debt Free for Life”


We must realize how liberating and empowering being debt-free is. I am sure most of us have been in a position where we owed someone either cash or some type of debt. Unless you were in a position to comfortably service this debt, this circumstance sucked the life out of you.

I know a few friends who wait until the last minute to submit their tax returns. In the period leading up to the deadline, a nagging feeling that reminds them of pending tasks keeps bothering them. The surprising observation is my friends often choose to endure doubt and anxiety for a prolonged period than meet with the taxman and be done with the returns.

Debt makes you lose dignity, pride, and resourcefulness. When debt-free, you attain financial autonomy and independence to plan your future.

Financially Fit for Life, the highly informative book about financial literacy, asks you to try and “Imagine for a moment how it would feel when you enjoy the security of being debt-free.”

I tried to imagine that, and it felt incredible!

This book, utilized as the leading text in the Learning Management System used by Financially Fit for financial literacy class, further offers advice on how we can become debt-free.

According to the author, Mr Steve Down, the first and most crucial step is to avoid any form of credit, whether in instalments or revolving credit. Mr Down advises us to avoid taking more loans or incurring debt.

In the book, Mr Down writes, “First you attack your debt through the Financial Blitz Strategy. This will empower you toward becoming debt-free in the shortest period of time possible.”


The Author Mr Steve Down

The Author Mr Steve Down

Financially Fit for All offers a lot of practical money management exercises, and tricks.

If you are struggling with debt repayment and managing your finances, look at their website, www.financiallyfit.com and enroll for their affordable online class. While reviewing their strategies for recovering from debt, I came across the Focus Fund LIFER Program, which to say the least is revolutionary. The huge transformative potential of principles taught in this book must surely propel its author, Mr Steve Down to the annals of preeminent authors in financial literature.

Sometimes it appears inconvenient to make hard decisions, especially those that are going to make a positive impact on our lives. A good example is an alcoholic or addict. It is quite difficult for them to simply decide to do the right thing and stop the habit.

A lack of foresight or self-responsibility is the probable cause of our inability to sacrifice our present comfort for future enjoyment.

To make deliberate decisions that transform our lives, we need expert advice and mentorship from an experienced and expert authority. And that is precisely what Steve Down offers in his curriculum at Financially fit.

I am enrolling for this class as we speak.

Let us meet there. Cheers.


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