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Meta description; The principles of wealth creation are the foundation of financial success. I have interacted with people with divergent money beliefs. In each encounter, I realized how much people have been brainwashed to think that money is evil.

People actually believe that money is bad. How this is even possible beats logic. Last week, I overheard some of my friends debating on money. They had to choose between a wicked but rich partner or a noble but poor partner.

Their debate reflects our beliefs about money. We equate wickedness to money. That there is the problem.

Aren’t there any rich people who are good?

We get roped to believe that people with plenty of money are evil.

Steve Siebold, author of “ How Rich People Think” found that the secret to getting rich is not in the mechanics of money, but in the level of thinking that generates it.

Wealthy people believe that being wealthy is a right. They do not dangle the option of poverty to other people.

Anyone who has lacked money at any time, especially those who have lacked the basic necessities of life knows that there is no dignity in glorifying poverty.

Wealth creation: Money is good, more money is better.

The fallacy of money by Steve Down.
Lack of money is the root of evil. Not money.
When you truly love someone, that person fills your thoughts and primarily motivates your actions.
It is the love of money and the use of people that is wrong. When you love people and use money, you’ve got it right.
Money just makes you more of who you really are. What you choose to do with money determines whether it is good or evil.
Evil men are doing evil things with their money, and good men are doing good things with their money.
Money is good, more money is even better.
A change in our money mindset is what we all need.

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