“If only I made more money…” We’ve all harbored this thought.
Let’s be honest, how many times have you thought that an increase in your income will solve all your financial problems?

I have.

The more I earned, the more I wished for more money. Almost felt like responsibilities piled up when I got more money.

In reality, most of us increase our expenditure after getting an income raise.
We suddenly develop a noose for the finer things in life. If you were previously buying your groceries at the market you start picking up items at the supermarket. If you were driving a vehicle with 1000 cc, with an increase in your income; you can afford a 1700cc.

The Income effect.

When a consumer’s income increases, the demand for goods increases. This is because the consumer has more money to buy more goods; more purchasing power.

An increase in income shouldn’t justify lifestyle creep (increase in income adjusts your spending limit; the more people afford the more you spend on more costly preferences. How your lifestyle ‘creeps’ to catch up to your spending limit nullifies the perception of having more money).

If the first thing that comes to mind after getting an income raise is a shift in your lifestyle, you will forever have a struggling relationship with money.
One of these days, you will wake up with no savings, no backup plan. Just depreciating assets that have no value.

Paycheck to Paycheck.

More money is never the solution. Accounting for every coin while living below your means is the only way to avoid living from paycheck to paycheck.

To change the direction of your financial future, first; change the way you think, feel, and act about money.
You need to give yourself a financial checkup in order to eliminate financial diseases permanently.


Most of us are right where we want to be Financially at this very time.

Have you reevaluated some of your financial choices?

Your financial future is controllable and predictable.

To become financially fit for life, you must learn and live correct financial principles.

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