The Principle of wealth at heart serves as the foundation for wealth creation. Principles are timeless and constant. They are never changing.

Applying consistent financial principles enables people to stay on track with their financial goals. This is the essence of principle-centered wealth as taught by Steve Down.

What is Principle centered wealth? 

Principle-centered wealth refers to the fundamental financial rules applied to gain wealth.  Creating wealth is easy if these principles are adhered to.

Unlike strategies that change, principles are never changing. We apply the principles taught decades ago. Principles are comprehensive codes of conduct. They have to be followed to achieve great results.

One relatable principle is ‘Give and you shall receive.’ This is a principle from the bible. Over time people have applied it. We believe the more we give, the more we receive. It is a principle of abundance. Like this, there are many other principles of wealth creation. 

The principle of Wealth at Heart.

The principle of wealth at heart states that what you want to create monetarily must first be created in your heart and mind.

Simply put, your financial goals should be clear. Your heart and mind have to be in it. They should be your driving force. Once your heart is into something, achieving it is easy. Your mind and heart have to be in sync.

Wealth creation starts from the mind. It starts by generating ideas that can help you get money. The ideas have to be in line with what you are passionate about. Thus, you have to believe, own and live it. A wealthy heart can achieve anything.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’ Proverbs 23:7.

How the Principle of wealth at heart is applicable to real-life situations. 

A friend of mine quit her job without knowing her next move. She believed that she deserved better pay and a friendly work environment. With the rate of unemployment in Kenya, her move was met with a lot of resistance from her family.

She believed that come a new fiscal year, she stood in a position to get better placement. 

First, she decided to move to a more convenient location around organizations she was eyeing. 

She then started sending out her resume to potential employers. Over time, she would physically drop off her resume at their offices.

She believed and she executed. A month later, she got a job with an international non-governmental organization.  Four times the pay she was getting at her previous job and a very friendly work environment.

Employment is one of the avenues to long-term wealth creation. She believed

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