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About Steve Down

Steve Down, is a cause capitalist and world cause leader who loves to create cause companies. As an entrepreneur, he has founded many multi-million-dollar businesses like; financially Fit, Worldcausecoin, and The Goat Foundation .

Steve is the author of five books including Financially Fit for Life; The Miracle of Wealth; The Idea Economy; The Mountain, The Man, and The Compass; and The Wealth Compass.

Steve's Business Philosophies

1 -

Have Incredible Products and Services that Fill a Need in the Market Place
You can’t have a business without great products or services. You have to provide something that people actually need and want.

2 -

Every Company Should Have
a ‘Give Back’
According to Down, most business owners have limiting beliefs about how much they can give away and still be profitable. Down is showing business owners how to do this in every one of his companies.

3 -

Find a Way to Capture the Hearts of the Millennial Generation
Many Millennials are disinterested in “Capitalism.” They are more interested in causes and community, than simply making money. According to Down, “Social consciousness in business is fast becoming a requirement to gain trust of this generation, both as employees and customers.”

4 -

Create Systems and Processes to be Scale-able and Sustainable
Lastly, to Down, you must start with a strong foundation, which includes quality product and services, a ‘give-back,’ and an incredible team. Upon this foundation, you add systems and processes by which you can scale and duplicate.
business with a cause –

Cause Capitalism

Steve Down companies are changing the way America does business and people are taking notice. Cause Capitalism is the new model for business in the 21st century. For profit companies that serve local, non-profit partners. Listen to O.C. Tanner's podcast with Steve Down on Cause Capitalism.
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The Miracle of Wealth

"Hello, my name is Steve Down and I'm here to tell you that you truly can achieve the miracle of wealth. I also want you to know, upfront, of my awareness that such a language or words as miracle of wealth are certain to be scoffed at by the cynics and critics (none of whom, by the way, are billionaires!) but, please don't let them rob you of the miracle of wealth that awaits you. At the same time, though, please don't misunderstand the words miracle of wealth as meaning something for nothing or get rich quick. To be precise, the miracle of wealth philosophy is based upon the premise that wealth is seldom won nor earned. Rather, wealth is created; and, once you understand the principles or factors of wealth creation you can create wealth again and again!"
The Next Big Thing in Investing


Steve is a serial entrepreneur who loves to create companies. He's also a national and international speaker.

“At a time when many Americans are concerned about the country’s economic viability, private equity has proven itself in communities throughout the United States as an effective solution.”

New York Times,
December 10, 2016
  • Steve Down is Awarded Humanitarian of the Year by Think Realty
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