The theme for Financially Fit this month is discipline and consistency. Owing to this, today I will have a heart-to-heart discourse with new business owners.

Congratulations on starting a new business, it is a bumpy, tedious, and rewarding adventure.

Entrepreneurship makes you appreciate the role everyone plays in delivering a complete product. It is effort, sacrifice, long hours of work with no supervision and investment. Well-established entrepreneurs romanticize their journey, they flower it and make you want to start a business immediately. What they omit is the struggle. They forget to mention how getting their first customer was a relief or how they continuously pumped money to the business with no returns.


Entrepreneurship is tough.

It is equally rewarding. An entrepreneur’s journey is like that of a first-time parent; you watch a baby grow right in front of your eyes. A toddler must be fed, bathed, and cared for. He throws tantrums but you still have to coddle him. In the middle of the night, you stay awake because he cannot sleep.

Ask entrepreneurs, they’ll tell you how many nights they’ve stayed awake questioning the path they took. They want to quit but they clutch on the hope that the morning breathes life to the business.


As an entrepreneur, the biggest mistake you’ll ever make is lacking vision and direction. Only mentors can give that.

A business mentor has more entrepreneurial business experience. They do not have to be in the same industry as you. It is important for them to understand the integrals of the market you are dealing in.

A mentor’s role is to rope you into experiences and lessons. Your work is to implement these lessons as you run your business.

A mentor should be able to introduce you to his extensive network. You should leverage and make their contacts part of your network.
A mentor is only supposed to offer possible solutions to your problems. Your work is to choose wisely the solution to integrate into your business.
If you are a business owner with no mentor, get a mentor today.

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