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Cause Capitalism will solve inequality caused by capitalism.

Social entrepreneurship has proven to provide impactful innovations for poverty alleviation. Through Cause Capitalism, entrepreneurs and communities are brought together by non-profit initiatives.

Cause Capitalism will enable cause beneficiaries to start their own businesses. The initial capital will be provided by for-profit companies.

The purpose of Cause Capitalism is to ensure every household is self-efficient.

Solving Insecurity

Dependency on government services and foreign aid will be reduced as every member of the community will be self-efficient.

Poverty is not entirely the problem of the poor. Its implications affect any country’s security.

Citizens unable to meet basic needs resolve to illegal activities to earn a living. Crime rates continue to soar as the living standards depreciate.

Through Cause Capitalism, entrepreneurs and communities are brought together by non-profit initiatives.

According to the Security, Research and Information Centre 98.8% of Kenyans living in urban areas have witnessed a crime being committed. Crime rates in the slums are high. This can be attributed to youth unemployment, poverty, and depressed income levels.

Businesses cannot thrive in areas with very high crime rates. The community resorts to stealing to make up for limited employment opportunities.

The government can easily be faulted for the imbalance yet for-profit companies in Kenya generate profits of up to 765 million USD every fiscal year. Capitalism is to blame.

As the highest-paid Kenyan CEO walks away with 376.4 million monthly, a Kenyan citizen elsewhere goes to bed hungry after a day of hard work.

Cause Capitalism envisions countries where no one retires to bed hungry because they cannot afford food.

Solving Food insecurity.

Food insecurity is caused by capitalism.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization defines food poverty as the insufficient economic access to an adequate quantity and quality of food to maintain a nutritional satisfactory and socially accepted diet.

Food aid helps the hungry. Charity allows the hungry to be fed without addressing the root cause of the problem. An ideal pillar of capitalism. The hungry are fed instead of getting equipped with poverty alleviation tools. Profits are made off the hungry.

Households get to learn how to generate income after receiving initial capital through Cause Capitalism.

Steve Down argues that a population knowledgeable on the solutions to its problems can transform the planet.

Cause companies will partner with non-profit companies to ensure food insecurity solutions are found.

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