What could possibly define the state of uncertainty and sting of losing a loved one, let alone the breadwinner of a home? This was the story of Dani (Grandmother) Philgona and how the Goat foundation inspired hope by giving her goats.

I’m so used to being called Dani (Grandma); that if you ask for my name, I’d say it’s Dani.

I honestly can’t recount the last time I was called Philgona- that’s my real name.

I’m 80 years old. I have witnessed drastic changes; I have loved wholeheartedly and gotten my heart broken in equal measure. I am yet to recover from my husband’s death; it’s never the same when you lose the sole breadwinner in the family. I didn’t know where to start or pick up from. I felt empty, sometimes contemplated ending it all but every time I see my children’s eyes light up when they come visiting; hope is rekindled. I discovered that a huge part of my life was heavily influenced by my children. That’s why I hold on to my dream of witnessing their success in life. I want them to achieve what I did not.

When the local area chief called to inform me that I would be receiving goats from an organization based in Nairobi, My hope in God was rekindled. I have been asking him to give me just enough money to rear cattle or goats. Chicken farming isn’t as lucrative in my village but with a herd of goats, I would have more than I asked for. Have you seen how people make money from selling goats over festive seasons? I may be old but I sure do have an eye for business opportunities.

These two goats are a Godsent step as I walk on my path towards financial freedom, I pray for the favor of God so I may live a little longer for you to witness this. I want to thank my sons ( you know I call everyone my child) from Financially Fit Africa and The Goat Foundation for this gift.

Thank you for remembering Dani!”

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Watch Dani Philgona’s and many Cause Capitalism beneficiaries.

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