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Why don’t Kenyans talk about capitalism?

Capitalism in Kenya// Canva.com

The very economic system that we are quiet about is supposed to grant opportunities to the people who welcome the ideology without resistance.

Kenya is ideally a capitalist economy characterized by inequality, unemployment, corruption, wealth gaps, and high levels of marginalized development.

Capitalism can easily be defined as private ownership of businesses which, in turn, are driven by the quest for profit. Quality is the least consideration as long as businesses gain profits. Sounds familiar? When was the last time you walked into a store and bought a packet of maize flour? To imagine that Kenyans with families earn $3 a day rely on the packet of maize flour retailing at $1.2 yet Kenya is one of the largest producers of maize beats logic.

With a debt burden heavy on the next generation, Kenyan taxpayers should demand a more inclusive and compassionate economic system. Cause Capitalism is the solution.

Cause Capitalism

The effects of Capitalism//Canva.com

Capitalism has seen companies like Sameer Africa shift production to Asia because off unfair competition that robbed it of its profits. Aliko Dangote recently opted for Tanzania which has a favorable economic system compared to Kenya to venture into as a potential investor, his multi-billion companies would have created more employment opportunities and opened up the rural area in Kenya for potential investment. These are the effects of Capitalism.

Cause capitalism as fronted by Steve Down resolves the ideological war between capitalism and socialism. A world where every for-profit business chooses as its partner a non-profit- not as a gimmick but as a true sustainable partner. It is what the world has been waiting and hoping for, a compassionate kind of capitalism that is built on a foundation of inclusion and mutual respect.

Cause capitalism will be the social responsibility of all for-profit companies. When companies make profits close to 2billion, Cause Capitalism demands that for the purposes of sustainability they give back to the community around them. Companies that have givebacks already in Kenya are Safaricom, Equity, KCB, Cooperative, Sportpesa, Deloitte, etc.

As a business model, cause capitalism will provide a human-centered approach towards ensuring sustainability.

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