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Steve Down is Awarded Humanitarian of the Year by Think Realty

Steve Down Founder, Financially Fit, Even Stevens Sandwiches, The Falls Events Centers
Steve Down Founder, Financially Fit, Even Stevens Sandwiches, The Falls Events Centers

By: Think Realty

Each year, Think Realty honors the leaders and change-makers of real estate who represent the best the industry has to offer. These individuals are nominated by their peers, and the finalists are determined by an independent panel of judges who are former Think Realty Honors recipients themselves.

Their stories range from new investors just beginning (and exponentially growing) to true industry veterans with decades of experience, from single-family investors focused on just a few neighborhoods to multifamily moguls buying millions of dollars’ worth of real estate at a time, and from major industry players employing hundreds of real estate experts to one-man (or -woman) operations making a difference with just the energy of the CEO alone.

Steve Down is the founder and CEO of Even Stevens, a sandwich shop that has become a force for sustainable change in the communities it serves, and The Falls Event Centers, innovative and state-of-the art event facilities that are rapidly becoming “the place” to hold business gatherings, dream weddings, and family events. “For every sandwich sold, Even Stevens donates the value of that sandwich to a local non-profit which, in turn, feeds the hungry,”

Down explained. Even Stevens has already donated more than 1 million sandwiches in its two years of business. The Falls Event Centers also support Down’s “cause capital” concept, offering free facility space to local non-profit partners from their unused inventory. Both endeavors meet Down’s priorities of making a difference in the communities in which he invests while also turning a profit. “I invest in real estate because it is a hard asset and provides preservation for your investment during the wealth creation phase,” Down said.

“Steve has an unwavering commitment to building businesses that change lives and communities for the better,” said an investor who nominated him. “He’s helped more people than can be counted through his cause capital philosophy.”

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