In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Steve Down, a cause capitalist and serial entrepreneur. Steve speaks on the power of providing sustainable change through for-profit businesses built on a model of giving through connection with non-profit partners. He is the owner of several successful companies, including Even Stevens Sandwiches, Steve’s Hotel, Financially Fit, CE Karma, The Falls Event Centers, and Storm Maker Media–each built around a life-changing giveback.

You will learn:
0:24 – Learn about the power of asking, “What if?”
2:47 – Learn what Steve Down does and what it means to be a cause capitalist.
3:48 – “Cause capitalism is a kinder, gentler, more compassionate form of capitalism that the world is waiting for.”
4:13 – Learn how cause capitalism works in one of Steve Down’s businesses, Even Stevens Sandwiches.
5:44 – Learn where Steve Down got the inspiration for Even Stevens Sandwiches.
7:58 – Learn how Even Stevens has become arguably the fastest growing fast casual restaurant chain in history.
9:43 – “Sustainability comes when a for-profit chooses non-profit partners.”
12:10 – Learn more about Steve Down’s other companies (like Steve’s Hotel) and how they are giving back.
17:52 – Learn what having a restaurant built on a cause does for employees and how it decreases employee turnover.
21:40 – Learn where you can go to learn more about Steve Down.

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