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Steve Down

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Steve Down's business acumen and entrepreneurial talent led to the founding of Financially Fit, a wealth education company. This site is dedicated to the mission of the Financially Fit company, why Steve Down founded the company and the type of lessons taught by the unique Learning Management System that forms the backbone of this organization.

Steve Down founded an organization that offers training guaranteed to offer participants a clear and practical roadmap to financial freedom. Financially Fit is devoted to giving and sharing financial hope, vision, and direction for financial health and fitness to individuals, families, and businesses.

They employ an online program that utilizes the LMS (Learning Management System) which entails lessons, instructional videos, audio, transcripts and community engagement to create tailor-made financial solutions for people from all walks of life. It is by these principles to learn, understand, and apply in their lives. As a financial literacy roadmap, Financially Fit offers principles and education in a curriculum, to help shape your perception and relationship with money and wealth.

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In brief:

Financially Fit World is one of the pioneer companies globally that practices the principle of Cause Capitalism. Cause Capitalism dictates that any for-profit company chooses a non-profit organization; not as a gimmick but as a sustainable partner. Financially Fit World has chosen The Goat Foundation as its non-profit partner and will donate a percentage of its anticipated gross income towards the foundation as a cause for good.

Steve's Vision

Steve's vision as taught in Financially Fit is to make you re-imagine wealth. To re-imagine wealth, you must learn to increase your cash flow, eliminate and live without debt, and become completely financially independent. Debt is a distraction that robs people of their wealth and true financial independence.

The goal of Financially Fit is to help individuals learn to function without debt. The learning management system and online learning program, envisaged by Mr. Down teach principles of how to become 100% debt free in 5-10 years.

The Learning Management System

The Financially Fit enterprise operates a business-to-consumer (B2C) business model where the Seven steps comprising 33 exercise modules are targeted primarily toward individuals. We pursue a global clientele whom we target through a worldwide online marketing campaign.

The potential customer finds our website and determines whether our product could address their pain points then chooses to enroll or subscribe at a standard fee of $10.

Once the customer gets subscribed to the service, they are entitled to access our life-changing product offering disseminated through video, whitepapers, audio files, live webinars, and other resources for a set period. Users can opt to terminate the contract or renew it once the product subscription expires since the online program is self-paced.

Hemang D

Amazing information on every subject. Steve has a way of helping you grow personally and helping you see others in a different light be it good or bad. Steve Down's words are very thought out helpful kind and even educational. I highly recommend that the world should listen.

Filbert C

Steve Down is very thoughtful and has deep insight over tradition, current state of things and foreseeable future. I like how his talks and shared viewpoints cover different fields in finance and personal growth which then converge into the most human and transcendent things we have in life.

Jemmie K

Thought-provoking ideas that feel like fuel for the mind. Steve Down's values and notions are not to be dismissed or taken lightly. This man is intelligent and has read in abundance over the course of his life. He’s thought about and understood a lot of hefty ideas that require deep analysis. He knows and understands what many don’t.

Steve Down the Wealth Physician

Financially Fit World Limited is the global leader in personal wealth education and services — inspiring hope, vision, and direction for individuals, families, businesses, and nations – illuminating the planet through principle-centered wealth.

The goal of this company is to teach you how to attain financial independence in the subsequent five years.

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